Saturday, October 8, 2011

a well-trained cancer survivor

A while back, I awoke in the middle of the night. The bedroom in my still-sort-of-new apartment was practically pitch dark. A faint pale light seeped through the window curtains. From my pillow, I could see the reflection of the room in the closet mirror. My eyes shot open, my limbs stiffened when I lifted my head and saw what looked like the reflection of a dark hooded figure, standing and looking over me while I lay in bed. I stared back at that shadowy reflection in the corner of the mirror. I was prepared to bolt at it. Wring its neck. Grind my teeth and tell it, You’re not taking me now.

Once my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I realized that my supposed deathly visitor was nothing more than the reflection of my dark blue curtains. I sighed. A grin came over me as I laid my head back on my pillow. I was pleased to know that I would not have hesitated to wrangle with Death.

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